HelveticArchives - Archivdatenbank der Schweizerischen Nationalbibliothek NB

Prints and Drawings Department (PDD)

The holdings of the Prints and Drawings Department comprise four main groups:

  • Federal Archives Historical Monuments (FAHM)
  • Photo collections
  • Graphic collections
  • Artists' archives

Information on the history of the GS and a more detailed description of the holdings can be found in the database and on the NL website.

In HelveticArchives each collection and archive of PDD / FAHM is summarily described. Depending on the state of processing, some or all of the documents contained in a collection / archive are also recorded individually. A continuously growing part of the documents is digitized and provided with a preview image. Digitized and public domain works are also available via the freely accessible media collection Wikimedia Commons.

The following collections and archives are largely searchable online.

Federal Archives of Historic Monuments (FAHM):

  • Federal Commission for the Preservation of Historical Monuments
  • Inventory of historical traffic routes in Switzerland
  • Archives Rudolf Bruhin, Martin Fröhlich, Andreas Morel and Alfred A. Schmid.

Photo collections:

  • Collection of photo portraits
  • Archives Photoglob-Wehrli (in preparation)
  • Archives of the photographers Adolphe Braun, Elisabeth Breguet, Stuart Morgan, Eduard Spelterini, Rosmarie Spycher-Gautschi, Max van Berchem, Rudolf Zinggeler and Andreas Züst (partial)

Graphic collections:

  • Collection Rudolf and Annemarie Gugelmann
  • Collection Grafikansichten Schweiz (in preparation)
  • Gabriel Lory and Adolf Pochon archives, Albert Welti collection

Artists' archives:

  • Archives Christian Baumgartner, Madeleine Gekiere, Karl Gerstner, Ulrich Meister, Daniel Spoerri, Doris Stauffer, Serge Stauffer and Emil Zbinden (partial).
  • Library of chance

For complete results and to research all other holdings, please contact the Prints and Drawings Department.

Please note that some records have been imported from various electronic finding aids. Completion and deepening of the indexing status will continue on an ongoing basis as a "work in progress". We are happy to receive information from users about deficient data.

In HelveticArchives you will not find posters and book collections of the NL. Please consult the corresponding catalogs Helveticat and Schweizer Plakatsammlung (see right column, NL-Findmittel).

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